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February 11 2016

Lock Picking 101 – Sat Feb 27 1-4PM

Learn to open locks without the key.  A fun hobby and intellectual exercise. Our trainer can have you opening simple locks by the end of class. Tools will be supplied during the class but many people wish to purchase their own tools to train with.  Suggested tools are either the TOOOL Tremendous Twelve Toolkit available […]

February 09 2016

First Letterpress Class Held at i3!!!

i3 member Ashley hosted two classes to introduce the new (to i3) Letterpress. The press is a Line-O-Scribe Show Card Writer. The press was built sometime between 1920 and 1940 in Adrian MI. The class demonstrated basic letterpress techniques and printing. The students picked a Valentine’s Day theme pattern to print. Then the pattern was […]

February 08 2016

OMG I wrote a book on React Native

February 07 2016

Planet 9 From Outer Space

Event: Confectionery Combat! Chocolate VS Shelly and Gerald



Confectionery Combat! Chocolate VS Shelly and Gerald:

Friday February 12, 6:30-8:30 pm


We will start with a discussion on the evil ways of this culinary foe and tactics to successfully wage war against it.

We will be making truffles, roasting nuts, coating lots of things with chocolate, and “practicing” our feeble double boiler tempering skills.  Practice is the word! Just as in war there is no guarantee of success but at least in this we will have chocolate.

This event is open to PS:One members and their guests who want to watch, sample, and participate as the space allows. (There will probably be a cap at 10 people in that small kitchen) If you know you are coming give us a holler on the member group here so we can prepare excess supplies and plan our battle strategy.  The cost is free but donations to fund our efforts will encourage more such campaigns.

February 06 2016

Knitting Workshop – February 17th, 7-9 pm

  Knitting is a super relaxing craft that will let you express your creativity and make cozy accessories and clothing in just about any color, texture, and design imaginable. Instructor Jamie Burdeski will teach you the basics if you’ve never touched a knitting needle before, or help you with your project if you have something […]

February 04 2016

2016-02-13 Retro-EDB #4

Neste lørdag 13/2 arrangerer vi retroEDB igjen – og altså ikke førstkommende lørdag som annonsert i bibliotekets program.

retroEDB nummer 4

February 03 2016

Hollywood and UFOs

February 02 2016

Still tickets for Soft Circuits Workshop! Electronics you can hug! (Or Stab! Or Wear!)

February 01 2016

What a Night!

dog togWell we set out to make our Grand Opening Bash on Saturday our best party ever. It didn’t disappoint. The turnout was amazing.  Thanks to everyone for coming. We hope that you got a tour of the space and a chance to see some of the things and projects we get up to. We even had a 4-legged visitor checking out our new common room and space.

Our new kitchen was a hive of activity. Thanks to everyone who brought in food and helped with the catering. We had so many visitors that we ran out of Pizza dough by 9PM. That never happens. Our very own Dr Tri came to the rescue with her secret quick dough recipe (patent and patents pending :-) ). In the end, we think that everyone was fed and watered. Our TOG beer and wine went down a treat. Some snaps are on our gallery.

We’ll be working away on the construction of our new rooms and sorting our stuff over the next few weeks. Be sure to stay in touch with us on our various social media, web and email outlets. If you like us so much that you want to join up as a member, sign up the form here and we’ll be in touch. Hope to see you again soon.

http ://


January 31 2016

02-06-2016 Scanning the Internet for Fun & Profit

            Scanning the Internet for Fun & Profit We’ll talk about scanning the entire internet for lesser known protocols in minutes. We’ll cover – • Sniffing active protocols. • Vulnerability research. • Crafting custom payloads. • Utilizing ZMap, the powerful, open source, network scanner. Presenter: @d1rt_diggler Location: Broward Main Library […]

January 28 2016

Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland at Cinefamily
The Floating Library on Echo Park Lake

January 27 2016

The Eyes Are Always There

January 26 2016

Space Meal Contest – Samstag 27. Februar 2016









A long long time ago in a galaxy far away creatures from all over the universe used to cook, eat and celebrate together.

Now they reheat their favorite meals and tell stories and tales about these forgotten gatherings.


Am 27. 02. 2016 um 20h findet der traditionelle spacemeal-contest an Bord der Station statt. Wie immer werden Speisen aus den unterschiedlichsten Regionen des Universums präsentiert und nach den Kriterien Aussehen / Geschmack / Geschichte / Weltraumtauglichkeit bewertet. Die Präsentation der Speisen sollte nicht länger als 5 Erdenminuten dauern.

Dem Sieger winken attraktive Sachpreise.

Bitte meldet Euch bis zum 20.2. unter e-punc (ät) an

Lockpicking back for another year!

Lock Picking
I am happy to announce Lockpicking will be returning to its bi-weekly scheduled meetings this Tuesday 26th of Jan at 7:30pm. For those of you lucky enough to get picks from Christmas, bring them along. Fancying learning how to pick? Drop by and have a go at lockpicking. We have ever dwindling supply of loaner picks, so we should be able to loan you something.

Also on the horizon is a regular Lockpicking 101 class taught by our elite team of pickers. Stop laughing! Watch this space

Any further questions? Check out our FAQ HERE

See you on Tuesday

January 25 2016

OurNet: Building Virtual Public Spaces
hollow moon rings like bell, bell summons gods

Board Game Night – First of 2016!

For our first Board Game Night of 2016 – in our brand new space, we’re breaking with tradition and featuring three new games for our next meetup!

The three games we’ve selected are all Spiel de Jahres winners and are great gateway games for those interested in modern or european style board games.

As they’ve each been previously featured on Geek & Sundry’s TableTop with Wil Wheaton, you can watch episodes in advance to see how the games are played and just how fun they are!

Of course as usual, you can still come along with any board or card game of your own you want to play with others.


So join us to play games on Friday 5th of February from 6:30pm in Tog’s new home in 22 Blackpitts, Dublin 8


Carcassonne – Spiel des Jahres Winner 2001 (TableTop – Season 2, Episode 17)




Alhambra – Spiel des Jahres Winner 2003 (TableTop – Season 1, Episode 17)



Ticket to ride – Spiel des Jahres Winner 2004 (TableTop – Season 1, Episode 4)




January 24 2016

i3 Mentor Month Celebration Event, January 30th, 6-9 pm

Come to i3Detroit to celebrate January as Mentor Month sponsored by 4H. All mentors are invited to meet and greet, exchange ideas, and share information. We will be making custom glassware using vinyl patterns and the sand blaster. Food and refreshments will be provided for the meet and greet. Everyone will be able to make a […]
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