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December 06 2019

Spindle Sander

Its been a while since we added a new item to the space, but we managed to grab a bargain in the Black Friday sales of a spindle sander. Its been on the list for sometime with a lot of interest from our guitar building members!

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December 05 2019

Faux Gingerbread Build-And-Smash: December Make-Along on Sun, Dec 15

4 Favorite Tools

Inspired by this post over at Cool Tools, I ask members of the Omaha Maker Group what their “4” favorite tools were. The results, sorted by category (not person) are below.

Tools that Cut

Tools that Don’t


Writing (and tape)


Nerf Gun Modification Contest – January 14th, 2020

The Omaha Maker Group is hosting a Nerf* dart gun competition for distance , accuracy and aesthetic modification.

Sign up here!

When: January 14th, 2020 @ 7pm

Where: Omaha Maker Group  – 8410 K St #5 Omaha, NE

Competitors will purchase and modify (in advance) a Nerf ‘N-Strike Mega BigShock Blaster‘ to maximize it’s distance, accuracy and/or aesthetic value.

The gun may be modified in any way, provided that it remains at least somewhat identifiable as an N-Strike, and does not use pre-compressed air (such as CO2 cartridges) or chemical power. Electric power is permitted, provided the voltages are within reason (We’ll call it 18v, to allow Ryobi One+ packs)

Ammo will be standard-unmodified Nerf “Mega” darts. For the contest each contestant will provide with their entry a minimum of two such darts in good condition (a new N-Strike comes with 2 darts), which will be pooled and used for the competition.

The modified weapon in ‘primed to fire’ condition must fit within a sized container 1 inch larger in each dimension than the stock gun. (I don’t have measurements handy, but this prevents crazy barrel extensions or extended cylinders, and I’ll add that detail when mine arrives)

Performance for the distance competition will be measured by a maximum range test. The gun may be held by the contestant or mounted in a vice, provided the muzzle does not extend beyond the firing line. Distance will be measured from the firing line.

Performance for the accuracy contest will be measured by “target shooting” of a concentric target at 5 meters. The gun may be held by the contestant or mounted in a vice, provided the muzzle does not extend beyond the firing line. Distance will be measured from the firing line.

The cosmetic competition will be judged by majority vote of your fellow participants.

There is no specific prize for winning any or all of the events, aside from bragging rights and maybe a certificate 🙂  

December 04 2019

Intro to Internet of Things: Build a Subway Countdown Clock on Sat, Dec 14

December 01 2019

No Meeting December 24th or December 31st

When people ask about visiting Milwaukee Makerspace we say “Come on down! Any Tuesday night at 7pm!” but sometimes we add “unless it’s a holiday” and with December here we’ve got two holidays falling on Tuesdays, so Tuesday, December 24th, 2019 and Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 we will not have our regular open nights.

So don’t come. Don’t come for the meeting, don’t come for the tour, don’t come to sign up as a new member. Everyone who helps run Milwaukee Makerspace is a volunteer, and they’re getting a break for two weeks. (Please, thank them for all the extra work they do!)

If you are already a member, feel free to come in! Your key gets you 24/7 access to the space, and you can work on your projects as usual, hang out with other members, or just take a break from the holiday madness. Cool? Yeah.

November 28 2019

Laser Cutting: Holiday Edition! Learn to Make Ornaments and Decorations on Sun, Dec 8

November 27 2019

Holiday Clothing Swap! on Sat, Dec 7

Holiday Metalcasting

On Saturday, November 30th, Patrick and Kevin will be hosting a decorative metalcasting workshop. The goal is to make some aluminum snowflake Christmas ornaments from laser-cut wooden forms, but this is a brand new pattern, and our first time casting something on this thin, so high-quality results are not guaranteed.

We’re planning to fire up the furnace at about 10am, and wrap up by 2pm. We’ll be working outside, so dress appropriately.

1.12.2019 13 Uhr: Flusser Club Treffen

Das Flusser Jubiliäumsjahr 2020 zum 100. Geburtstag von Vilém Flusser steht vor der Tür!

Mit Aktionen an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft, Kunst und Medienkompetenz wollen wir das Werk des Kommunikationsphilosophen Vilém Flusser lebendig halten und im Hier und Jetzt verorten.

Wir laden alle Interessierten und Mitglieder herzlich ein
zum Flusser Club Treffen
am 1. Dezember, 13-15 Uhr, c-base, Berlin,
zum Austausch zu Flusser 100 Projekten.

Der Flusser Club e.V. ist ein weltweit verstreutes polyzentrisches Netzwerk aus Forschern, Denkfreunden und Künstlern rund um das Vilém Flusser Archiv und die Flusser Studies.

Fragen, Ideen und Beiträge gern direkt an flusser100[at]

November 26 2019

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 28. November: State of Retro Gaming in Emacs

Der C4 lädt herzlich zum OpenChaos im November ein. Dieses mal hält Vasilij "wasamasa" Schneidermann einen Vortrag zu Emulation von Videospielen auf einer ungewöhnlichen Plattform, dem Text-Editor Emacs.
Reposted byantihecpunisher

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 28. November: State of Retro Gaming in Emacs

Der C4 lädt herzlich zum OpenChaos im November ein. Dieses mal hält Vasilij "wasamasa" Schneidermann einen Vortrag zu Emulation von Videospielen auf einer ungewöhnlichen Plattform, dem Text-Editor Emacs.

Wir trauern um Jimmy Schulz

Unser geschätztes Mitglied @jimmyschulz ist von uns gegangen. Jimmy kam oft nach langen Sitzungen im Bundestag abends an Bord und war nie zu müde um weiter mit Membern und Aliens über Technologie, Bürgerrechte und Politik zu diskutieren.

Er wird uns, aber auch der deutschen Digital- und Netzpolitik, fehlen.


Spiegel online

(Photo: Sanjar Khaksari CC-SA 4.0)

A New RepRap

I built my first RepRap 3D Printer in 2011/2012 after using a MakerBot CupCake CNC at the Makerspace a few years earlier. It worked well until it broke, then I fixed it, and it broke again, and over and over and eventually I bought a new 3D Printer, and my old RepRap sat mostly unused because it wasn’t a very good machine. So earlier this year I decided to disassemble it and start over, but this time I wanted to follow a few methods that Mark used for Son of MegaMax and for Ultra MegaMax Dominator. Also, he has a lot of 40mm extrusion on hand. ;)

I started by designing things in OpenSCAD and then started building once I got enough pieces in place. It’s actually starting to look like a RepRap. Since I’ve only built printers from kits or instructions someone else created, this is the first 3D Printer I’ve actually designed. There are a lot of challenges, but I find it enjoyable. I hope to have things moving within the next few months. (I’m in no big hurry, as I have twelve other projects I’m working on simultaneously!)

If you want to follow along, I occasionally post in-progress photos on Instagram, and you can check out the reprap category on my blog.

November 21 2019

Arduino: Sensors and Input/Output on Sun, Dec 1

November 20 2019

Prepare thyself for Makesgiving!

The holidays are coming, and that means it’s almost time for Makesgiving, our Holiday Make-A-Thon! Over the past eight year we’ve set aside the Friday after Thanksgiving to welcome aspiring makers to join us in making things for the holidays, because making is awesome, and a gift that’s made is better than a gift that’s bought.

There will be a variety of making activities, some old favorites will return, and we’ll have a few new things up our collective sleeves. Skips the madness of the mall and come hang out at the space with us! You probably have questions, but don’t worry, check out our Makesgiving Holiday Make-A-Thon page for the answers.

It’s happening on Friday, November 29th, 2019 from 1pm-5pm and it’s free and open to the public, though we do ask that you register so we can plan appropriately for the event. We hope to see you there!

This is how excited you’ll be at Makesgiving.

November 15 2019

Kino Spraoi Nov 22-24 2019

Tog are delighted to host another film hackathon – the Irish kino kabaret, Kino Spraoi.

Over the weekend 22-24 November Tog will be teeming with directors, actors, scriptwriters, camera crew and more as we make as many films as we can over the weekend.
See some of the films made previously here:
There are still a few spots remaining if you want to sign up. Whether you’re an interested amateur or an experienced professional, all are welcome.
Registration is here:

See you soon in Toggywood for the best pictures!

November 13 2019

Introduction to Machine Learning using Tensorflow and Keras on Sat, Nov 23

Pop-Up Repair Cafes

Clarie Downey, Executive with the Community Reuse Network Ireland, and our own Jeffrey Roe went on the Today with Sean O’Rourke show on RTE Radio One. Thet chatted about repair cafes and repair culture in Ireland. You can listen back via the link below.

November 12 2019

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Live

If you’re a fan of the TV show Innovation Nation, you’re in luck! They’ve created a live show and they’ll be bringing it to Milwaukee on November 23rd & 24th, 2019 to the Marcus Center’s Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall.

The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation – LIVE! will inspire audiences with entertaining and educations stories about yesterday and today’s visionaries and innovators – highlighting major turning points in the past and present that influenced the fields of science, technology, engineering, math, the environment and social justice.

The show will feature two correspondents that will narrate the evening, engage with the audience and bridge between stories of innovators of the past and how they are influencing science, technology, agriculture, design, making and social justice movements of today. Luminaries of the past including Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers, Rosa Parks and George Washington Carver among others will jump to life on stage. Their achievements will be highlighted and reflected by showing examples of present day innovations.

Tickets are available now, so get them while they last!

Tickets are available at: | Marcus Center Box Office: 414.273.7206 | Groups 10+ Call 414.273.7121 x210

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