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June 10 2015

Beats Blips’n Bytes

Beats Blips’n Bytes is a new event at the /tmp/lab together with the Choisy-le-Roi Mediathèque.

Dans la série des ateliers ouverts au public et à l’occasion de la Fete de la Musique, le /tmp/lab organise une après-midi de rencontres avec de l’électronique et de la bidouille


Sur le site de la Médiathèque

June 09 2015

What price on priceless?

Given our shiny laser cutter, we’ve all been finding things to make with it, from desk ornaments to lens cases. Whilst I was wandering around the uk board games expo I spotted a stall selling laser-cut assortments, including lamps such as the ones in this photo:

Stand at the expo

Stand at the expo

I wanted to make myself a lamp based on these but pulling from my favourite computer games, much as I have seen on a tee-shirt I own that pulls from the Zelda games (I eventually found this later – ). I started by trying to find the teeshirt in question to see how they did it and happened upon a portal tee-shirt :

This caught my attention and I decided that actually a lamp based on this would make a wonderful father’s day gift. A couple of years ago I bought a whole load of small portal-related items for my dad and doubled the quantities so I could have them too! This year I have done the same as I made myself a lamp and him one too.

I sat down with the boxmaker and took inspiration from the tee-shirt to create the lamp I imagined in my mind, and in one afternoon created the base lamp. Then the next week repurposed some very cheap RGB LED strip lighting into an LED light stick for the centre and cut the second lamp.

The total cost of parts given we had some MDF stock and translucent perspex lying around in the space was probably in the realms of £10 and a day’s work for me (soldering the light stick was more effort than designing and cutting the lamp). The resultant present however is unique and a thing of geeky beauty. This photo really doesn’t do it justice and is simply a normal lamp inside not the finished RGB item but hey, it’s still awesome.

Final lamp

Final lamp

My next steps are to wifi-enable my own lamp so it can do clever things like turn on when I arrive home, glow appropriate colours when I receive mail or am mentioned in irc, when a new TV show is downloaded or for other events such as the hackspace being open.

All of this would not have been possible had I not been a hackspace member, and I am happy to pay my membership fee knowing how much I enjoy making these things and the reactions I get from people I give them to.

June 06 2015

Parametric Cases in OpenSCAD

I’ve recently got back into photography and one thing that was really annoying me was the packaging that filters are shipped in – it simply doesn’t make a decent case for storing the filter when not in use, so I set about designing something nicer in LibreCAD. Once I had a working design it occurred to me that editing it for each filter size I wanted was going to be a real pain, so I decided to investigate OpenSCAD.

Unlike “ordinary” CAD software OpenSCAD is basically a programming language. You can script the design of your object using basic primatives to lay it out combined with functions like union and difference to blend them together and chop bits out. Because its a scripting language you can also use variables to define parts of your design, so for example in this project I can set the filter size I want to store, and the size of screws I want to use to fix it all together, this results in an output DXF file just like my original from LibreCAD, but customised with the options I selected. Its a lot more work to start with, but I can now  generate cases of any size in seconds.

FilterCasesFilterCaseOpenThe OpenSCAD source file for these can be obtained from thingiverse.

June 05 2015

Lockpicking with TOOOL – ATM Edition.

When I found an ATM in the trash near my office, I knew just what had to be done. It had to come to the hackerspace.

IMAG0183After some help from a friend with a truck, we got the ATM delivered to the space just in time for Lockpicking night with TOOOL – The Open Organization of Lockpickers. (Fig. 1. — pictures after the break)  We set to work on the two (surprisingly basic) pin tumbler locks on the front of the panel, and sprung them in no time. (Fig. 2)  Under the the bottom panel we were greeted with a welcoming safe-door style combination dial. (Fig. 3)  Under the top panel are a power supply, circuit boards for the display, the card reader, the pin entry pad and the LCD buttons, and the receipt printer. (Fig. 4)  Sadly, the main computer had been removed before the unit was thrown out.

That being said, TOOOL is not a computer oriented group, so we were plenty pleased with the new challenge presented to us by the combination lock.  Steve decided to give it a go first, boldly citing his experience in safe cracking school. (Fig. 5)  Dave, not being the patient type, and not being entertained by Steve just poking at his phone, decided to take a more destructive route to enter the ATM with a plasma cutter (Fig. 6) and was rewarded with a large empty space and yet another steel plate.  We will be revisiting opening the door next time, and continuing to seek inspiration for awesome ATM projects.  Let us know what you’d like to see an ATM turned into!

Fig. 1- Here is our ATM, as found and delivered to PS:One, sitting in our recently painted Lounge.







Fig. 2 – Picking the pin tumblers







Fig. 3 – After picking, we can see the remaining electronic components, behind the upper panel







Fig. 4 – And the safe dial behind the lower panel







Fig 5. Steve hard at work with his honed safe cracking skills.







Fig. 6 – Dave plasma cuts into an empty box.








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June 04 2015

Coolest Projects

YoungCoolestProjectAwardsworkshop1Coolest Projects is showcase of all the creative and wonderful things the Coder Dojo community makes. It takes place on the 13th of June in the RDS from 10:30 to 17:30. This year the event have ballooned in size to a massive 500 projects on display. It really goes to show much Coder Dojo movement is still growing. Tickets are free and available to anyone via their website here.



TOG will be at Coolest Projects running our famous ‘Learn to Solder’ workshop. We will be teaching kids of all ages some basics electronics and soldering skills. As always we will be using partfusion‘s ( Irish Maker) fabulous I can solder badge.

June 03 2015

Kickstarter-Campagne: c-book – 20 years of c-base in a book

The c-base is turning 20! For this exorbitant occasion, we’ll be releasing a book, which will document the twenty years of excavation regarding the crashed space station unter Berlin Mitte, visually exemplifying the milestones reached on each deck.

The anniversary issue will be released in full color DIN A4 landscape format, with a run size of 1000 copies. The c-booc will be available in the c-base village on the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 as well as on c-base.

The anniversary issue will be released in full color DIN A4 landscape format, english and german, with a run size of 1000 copies. The c-booc will be available in the c-base village on the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 as well as on c-base.

We’re trying to lower the unit price as far as possible. We’re optimistic to be able to do 17€ per book, excluding postage in case you can’t come and get it yourself at the camp on the space station. Any surplus will benefit the c-base e.V. directly.

Look forward to a vintage book of long-time crew members mars, gps2 and macro. If you already know that you can’t resist this unique opportunity: show your interest – follow the c-booc and spread the word as far as you can!

c-booc – 20 Jahre c-base als Buch

Die c-base wird 20! Zu diesem exorbitanten Anlass bringen wir ein 200seitigen Bildband heraus, der zwei Jahrzehnte Ausgrabungsarbeit an der abgestürzten Raumstation unter Berlin Mitte dokumentiert und unsere Milestones auf allen Decks sichtbar macht.

Der Jubiläumsbildband wird in Farbe und im DIN A4 Querformat in deutsch und englisch erscheinen und soll in einer Stückzahl von 1.000 Exemplaren aufgelegt werden. Das c-booc wird auf dem Chaos Communication Camp 2015 im c-base village und auf der c-base erhältlich sein.

Den Stückpreis versuchen wir so weit es geht nach unten zu drücken. Wir sind optimistisch, 17 € pro Buch zu erreichen – zzgl. Versand falls ihr nicht persönlich auf dem Camp oder der Station sein könnt. Eventuell verbleibender Überschuß geht an den c-base e.V.

Freut euch auf ein klassisches Buch der langjährigen Crewmitglieder mars, gps2 und macro. Wenn ihr jetzt schon wisst, dass ihr euch diese einmalige Gelegenheit nicht entgehen lassen werden könnt: Zeigt uns euer Interesse … folgt der c-booc und teilt sie wo ihr könnt.

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June 01 2015

Snowden Soli-Party am 6. Juni, 21 Uhr im C4

Am Samstag, den 6. Juni 2015, laden euch der Chaos Computer Club Cologne und #StopWatchingUs Köln zu einer kleinen "Snowden Solidaritäts-Party" ein. Dabei wollen wir nicht nur ein Glas auf den Sysadmin Snowden heben, sondern auch auf die ersten zwei Jahre der "Post-Snowden-Ära". Wir feiern mit euch zwei Jahre kritischer Medienberichterstattung, öffentlicher Diskurse und zivilgesellschaftlicher Proteste.

May 31 2015

Samedi 13/06/15 : Conférences sur les Déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques

Dis Maman pourquoi la télé elle rentre pas dans la poubelle jaune ?

Un nouvel épisode dans la série des conférences organisées par le /tmp/lab dans la grande Médiathèque.

Au programme : Cyril Desmidt, membre de l’association Electrocycle, l’asso D3E et gérant d’InfoGnuEureka, nous présentera le recyclage de tous ces déchets dits D3E. Derrière cet acronyme abscons se cachent les Déchets d’équipements électriques et électroniques dont la quantité produite annuellement ne cesse d’augmenter. Voici sa présentation :

Qui s’intéresse à ce que devient une télévision lorsqu’elle arrive en fin de vie ? Qui a déjà entendu parlé des déchets d’équipements électriques & électroniques ? Qui s’est intéressé à la couleur des poubelles et a réfléchi à ce qu’on est sensé ou pas y mettre dedans ? Qui a déjà essayé de faire rentrer une grande télévision dans une petite poubelle ? ;)

Electrocycle, l’Asso D3E s’est intéressée à quelques unes de ces questions ainsi qu’à d’autres. Retour de terrain sur ce que nous avons expérimenté et de ce que nous avons compris.

[Pour ceux qui se demanderaient, non nous n’avons pas essayé de mettre dans une grande télé dans une poubelle.] Mais, nous avons pu constaté ce qu’il arrivait aux télés laissées sur la chaussée…

Cette conférence gesticulée sera en partie le résultat d’un brainstorming dans un lieu qui a décidé de ne plus accueillir d’écran CRT. Merci par avance aux futurs participants d’un certain atelier. ;) Elle est la suite d’une proposition avortée qui s’appelaient : les D3E, ils n’en ont pas voulu !!!

Et la forme ? Une conférence gesticulée qui comme chacun sait est “une forme scénique mélangeant du savoir froid sur un sujet, et notamment de la radicalité (revenir aux racines de ce sujet), les histoires de vie des conférenciers-gesticulants par rapport à ce sujet, de l’humour et de l’auto-dérision, et un atterrissage politique (ce qu’on peut faire pour agir sur ce sujet). Il faut donc prendre le temps de ramasser de la matière sur chacun de ces fils de la conférence gesticulée puis de les tisser entre eux.” Si vous l’aviez manqué, il est toujours temps de regarder : Franck Lepage – Incultures – L’éducation populaire, monsieur, ils n’en ont pas voulu – 16 mars 2011

La conférence sera ponctuée de petites interventions dont nous vous réservons la surprise, accès libre.


May 30 2015

Fix Your Symbols


This Saturday I continued with the commissioning of my unified singing pumpkin controller. I got all the sub-systems working except for the power amplifier. In the picture above, on the left is the pumpkin controller. On the right is a (normal) Arduino amplifier shield using the same amp chip.  That shield works. If you look carefully you can see that the chip pins are mirrored between the two boards.

Mirroring pins is an innocent enough mistake. It happens to everyone once in a while. The problem is that I made the EXACT same mistake on the first round of that amplifier shield. (Notice the R2 on the right hand silk?) Apparently I fixed that problem manually without correcting my library symbol. That was many months ago and I forgot about it, thus resulting in a repeat of the same error on the unified pumpkin controller. Dumb mistake! It would have taken 10 mins at most to fix the symbol.

Don’t be like me, fix your symbols the moment you notice the mistake! You may not get back to it for a while and may not remember there was a problem.


May 29 2015

Fixing TOG’s drill batteries

batteriesTOG’s drill batteries were on their last legs. We were barely getting a few minutes of use after a charge. Time for some new batteries. Two new batteries were almost the price of a new drill, so we looked at buying a brand new drill. There was nothing wrong with the old drill …. just that the batteries were bad.

After a bit of searching on the ‘net, a set of 12 new cells was on its way to TOG for just €15. The battery pack was opened up and the old cells removed. The new cells were fitted with the same layout. Lots of pics here. After reassembly, the battery charged fine and the drill is back in action. Just need to do the second battery now.


Come Meet the PixelWeaver!

Son of MegaMax Enters Instructables 3D Printing Contest

Many 3D printers being given away as prizes!  If I win one I’ll be donating it to my son’s school or other school or library that would like a machine and doesn’t already have one.  To do that I need your votes!

Son of MegaMax

Son of MegaMax

Please see my Instructable here: vote for me by clicking the little red “vote” ribbon in the upper right corner of the start page.


Detroit Torch Oxy/Acetylene Demo

Description: Detroit Torch, purveyor of fine welding torches with evocative names such as “The Detroiter”, “The Enforcer” and the wonderfully clever “DHC2000″, are coming to i3 Detroit! These torches reputedly have among them the power of plasma, the control of TIG, with the elegance of a fine flame. They are bringing some of their fantastic […]

May 28 2015

Inspirefest 2015 – Family Fringe

Inspirefest is a two day technology conference taking place on 18th-19th of June in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. The conference has a strong focus on STEM and diversity. To go along with the conference, there is a host of fringe events taking place in Merrion Square. We are proud to be taking part in the Family Fringe event on 20th of June.

We have joined forces with Intel and Girls Hack Ireland to create Stop the Lights workshop. The workshop will give insights into the basics of using the Intel Galileo, an Arduino-compatible designed right here in Ireland. Participant’s will get their hands on LED’s, buttons and buzzers, to create a traffic light animation.

The workshop is open to all aged between 15 and 17 and is most suitable for participants who have some prior coding experience. Participants are not required to bring their own laptop or materials

  • Date: Saturday June 20th
  • Time: 10am
  • Location: Merrion Square, Dublin 2
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Places available: 20.
  • Tickets: Free, but prebook.

Apart from our workshop we are also teaming up with Dublin Maker to give people a little taster session ahead of their July event. Dublin Maker is a family friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the maker movement. The taster session will also feature the Year of Light makers

We will be showing off projects created by our members. They will include the Egg Bot – draw your own images onto eggs, Skull Radio – listen to music without using your ears, Buzzer Game – classic game of keeping a steady hand and Constellation Quilt – stars, electronics both met on a quilt. 

The UN has declared 2015 the International Year of Light to highlight the central role of light has in the modern world from science and technology to nature and culture. The Year of Light makers will demonstrate how light is used in our everyday lives though lots of hands on experiments from making UV bracelets, lenses out of Jelly and LED badges. There will also be some optical illusions to show the different ways in which light works.


May 26 2015

Book Club on Hiatus

Thanks to those who made it to book club last Friday. It was especially lovely to catch up with some old members over from Germany! But of late attendance has been low as people are away or busy working away on projects. So, for now, there will be no more book club meetups. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of books out there for you to read. You’ll be fine.

Maker Faire, as easy as 123…

Maker Faire Countdown!

Last August Brant asked me to add a countdown to Maker Faire Milwaukee on the MMPIS, so I whipped up some code on a remote server and he got it running on the MMPIS display at the space.

Seeing as planning for this year’s event is in full swing, I figured it was time to start the countdown again. Yes, we are counting the days, and the Call for Makers is now open! Got a project, or something you made, or things you want to show off? Submit it, and share it with the world!

A Sneak Peek at Some Interactive Show Installations

Solid Edge Pop-up Event

Description: Come join Siemens and CamLogic for a night of Solid Edge training at i3Detroit. Attendees will be given a hands-on introduction to the Solid Edge CAD software and be guided through the process of making an individualized desk weight using one of our laser cutters. Food will be provided by Mexi-Casian. Prerequisites: Attendees should […]

Dublin Maker Desk Name Plate


IMG_20150525_225530We are proud to be hosting a meeting of the Dublin Maker organising crew and  thought it would be nice to make a few name plates. We started off with the this great instructable by Matthew Beckler. Taking about 2 minute per name plate to cut and then a bit of hot glue to keep them together.  Check out our gallery for some more photos.

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