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September 21 2016


Now that we’ve moved our shop times to Thursdays, please join us for some tinkering and fun!

IMG_0182 (Large)

September 18 2016

New Space Update Episode V: Electricity Strikes Back


Early this morning I was greeted by the sight of sunlight streaming through the upper window in the kitchen, illuminating the entire room. No chance of this being covered by suspended ceiling now, it lets an incredible amount of light in, if only for a short period of the day (which most of use are likely to never see…)

Today we began the installation of the electricity – that is, the wiring and sockets that will eventually carry power to tools and computers throughout the space. All the wires in the section completed today lead back to a Workshop distribution board ready to be screwed into terminals connecting them to 3 phase electrons.

A number of E-stop switched sockets are available to power in heavy machinery. A push of one of the four Emergency Stop buttons which will be scattered around the workshop will cut power to the single sockets with a yellow surround by tripping out a high current contactor. Machines will of course have their own No-Volt-Release controls and E-Stops to complement this workshop-wide fail-safe.




It hasn’t all been wire cutting and stripping though, Andy has been scrubbing the kitchen floor clean of lino adhesive to reveal an attractive tile pattern underneath the grime. The end of the main hack area has also now been boarded off to allow the mounting of the trunking that will run power to the electronics workbench. It’s been screwed into the rather sturdy RSJ, it’s not going anywhere quickly.


Thanks to everyone who came down today to help out, we got a lot done. Whilst we’ve still got a lot to do on the electricity front, next up is the flooring (screeding the workshop, carpet tiles for the main area) and the RFID controlled front door. Anybody who’s looking for a quick and easy job to do over the next week, paint the new section of MDF wall white! Everything must be white.

September 17 2016

Congratulations Jen! Baltimore Hackerspace won First Place

at SparkFun Electronics’s Power Racing Series race with PokeCart!

The post Congratulations Jen! Baltimore Hackerspace won First Place appeared first on Baltimore Hackerspace.

September 13 2016

09-24-2016 HADOOP 101 Part 1

HADOOP 101 This is the first of a series of presentations focused on big data, security and machine learning. This is a 2 hour very technical presentation where attendants will be provided with an overview on HADOOP ecosystem, its components, relationships and inner works. At the end of the presentation a demonstration on how to […]

September 05 2016

Space Update #3

It is with sadness that we report that Samwise (swwils) is stepping down as a member of the management committee. Never fear, he’s not going anywhere and you will see him around the space.

Now, what else is happening in the space?

  • HackTheSpace happened on Saturday, and things certainly happened. Check out the previous post for a brief overview, or see the changes for yourself when you come down to the space and help paint!
  • We’ve received an MPAN number for our meter at the NewSpace. Harriet is currently gathering quotes from energy suppliers in preparation for the electrical installation.
  • The oscilloscope is here! It’s currently tucked up safely in its box.
  • There’s been a bit of a reorganisation of the Wiki. Check out some of the changes, including a push for useful categorisation. Michael in particular has been tidying up the Electronics section. Want to help to make the wiki better? Ask on the mailing list if you don’t have an account.
  • Better Slack/IRC integration – Slack users can now query the space status using the ?status command that the IRC users have been loving for so long. Slack users can also check the temperature of both new and old spaces using the /temperature command.
  • Inductions – It will soon be easier to get an induction for the laser cutter. Streamlined induction processes and digital forms will help you get access to that sweet, coherent light all the quicker.
  • We’re always looking out for awesome projects – if you have done something cool then please let us know so that we can tweet pictures and videos!
  • That’s all for this instalment. Next up we will be setting a date for the move. We’ll really need as many people as possible, watch this space!

September 04 2016

New Space Update #4 – Paint, paint, paint


HackSpace 3.0 is coming along nicely – there is trunking installed ready and waiting for electrical cabling and the Hack The Space day this Saturday was well attended. People picked up job cards and got to work, meaning that we now have (amongst other things) clean and tidy toilet, at least three coats of white paint on the kitchen walls, a few coats of paint on the foyer area and a door handle moved to the correct side. A sincere thanks to everyone who came down to help out, every little helps.


The toilet cubicles themselves have also had another coat of paint to bring them all up to the same level. Please don’t try and open the middle cubicle window, it might fall off its hinges! Re-installation of door hardware will be happening this week meaning that we will have three (yes, three) working, individually partitioned toilet cubicles ready for use by the weekend. Nav has installed the mirrors
Andy has built a cupboard in the back of the toilet block – this is where you will find blue roll, toilet paper and eventually the hoover. Importantly, this is also where cleaning products are located.

Back Corridor

Back Wall

If you want to lend a hand but really aren’t sure where to start, simply ask on IRC (#leeds-hack-space on freenode), Slack or the Mailing List and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

August 30 2016

AsteroidOS meets SailfishOS (Next Monday, Sep. 5th)

The next SailfishOS Meetup on Monday, 5th of September will be special. Our friends from the AsteroidOS do not just share parts of the same software stack as SailfishOS or Nemo (like Qt or libhybris). No, like SailfishOS mostly and Nemo in general it’s an embedded open source project. At the same time the QtConf is going to take place in Berlin and so it is a nice opporunity to meet and discuss the project’s future. Join us either being an Astroidnaut or being a Sailor!

AsteroidOS is an open source operating system for smartwatches built on OpenEmbedded, Qt5, BlueZ5 and libhybris. This event, which would take place on the 5th of september at 7pm, would be a meeting between contributors and enthusiasts to get to know each other and maybe brainstorm on the future of the project.

In case you plan to participate you might consider to let us know before, thanks.

  • Where? At c-base, Rungestr. 20
  • When? 7pm
  • Who? The meetup is free and open for everyone interested.

See you on Monday!

201609 retroEDB #5

Vi arrangerer vår femte retroEDB førstkommende lørdag 3. september samme sted som tidligere!
Litt info på biblioteket sine sider
retroEDB vol 5

August 28 2016

AUG30 MakeNight: Papercraft

Tirsdag 30. august invitere Bergen Makers og HackBergen til en kveld med skaping i fokus i VilVite sitt verksted VilLage. Temaet er papercraft. Vi stiller med papir, saks og lim. Lag en minecraft-figur eller ei maske av ditt eget ansikt! For 10 kroner kan du også lage en button med ditt navn på (Trygve som er leder i HackBergen skal lage seg en «Trygve for supreme leader»-button).
Har du egne prosjekter, så kan du selvfølgelig ta dem med. VilVite har loddebolter og skrujern og til og med en vakumformer!

Klikk på bildet for å gå til Facebook eventen!

MakeNight: Papercraft

August 27 2016

09-10-2016 ISSA Hack The Flag

      The annual Hack The Flag is happening on September 10 2016 (Registration) We have a lot of new stuff for this year: • Speakers/panel to kick things off. • 2 games, one for experienced people (from our friends at Kommand && Kontroll) and the other for newbies • Lockpick village • […]

August 26 2016

August 23 2016

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 25. August: Modernes C++

Für viele ist C++ bereits seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt die Sprache der Wahl wenn es um Systemprogrammierung geht. Das OpenChaos im Monat August beschäftigt sich mit den seit 2011 hinzugekommenen Verbesserungen der Sprache.

August 16 2016

2 Vives 1 room: VR Meetup 8/20/2016

 This Saturday 8/20 5 pm-11 pm I’ll have my HTC Vive setup at i3 Detroit. What’s better than one VR headset? Two VR headsets! My friend will also be bringing his HTC Vive to i3 Detroit. It’ll be a VR LAN Party of 2 (for now)! We expect to try out some Hoverjunkers co-op and […]

August 13 2016

08-27-2016 Crash course in heads up display technologies

Crash course in heads up display technologies Robert A. from the Broward Main Library will give a presentation on current heads up display technologies, how do they work, how to use them and where to acquire them. This presentation will provide attendants with the opportunity to actually try some of the latest devices in heads […]

August 04 2016


It was fun.

Conferences torrents are here.

Consumers can watch them on youtube or

August 03 2016

Aluminum Welding and Fabrication Class – August 7th, 9A – 12P

Aluminum Welding and Fabrication Class This class will be an introduction to working with Aluminum, including cutting, grinding, cleaning, and especially welding. We’ll break out both the A/C TIG and the MIG Spoolgun. WHEN Sunday, August 7, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar WHERE i3 Detroit – 1481 Wordsworth, Ferndale, MI […]

August 01 2016

July 29 2016

The OFFICIAL Maker Faire After-Party

  Come join us Saturday After Maker Faire Detroit!!!! The Official Maker Faire After Party @ i3Detroit Meet other makers from around the state, the country, and the world!!! Free Food and Drinks Live DJs Saturday 7.30.2016 8 PM i3Detroit 1481A Wordsworth Ferndale MI i3Detroit After Party

July 20 2016

New Space Update #3 – Wall Edition


Walls have appeared in the new space!

The new partition walls and boarding are a major (£2000) undertaking in the new space – they serve to create the new porch area, workshop which is sound isolated and the divide the kitchen / wetdark room area.

Various items of work are involved in erecting a metal stud wall and help is needed!


We’ve started work with both our own electrician member, the landlord and the electricity board to re-enable what looks like a 63A 3 phase supply to the space – this will take time and the existing electric supply we have been using in the newspace is a very temporary arrangement. Avoid items with large draw and inrush currents!

Once the supply is in a better state, design of the phases in order to balance use within the space can be better put into action. – Sources for electrical materials such as sub boxes, dado trunking and fittings are welcome!


Hackspace 3.0 on 20/07

There is a new shared album with photospheres from the workshop here:

Other work

The new space is now ready for more hands! Work such as painting, filling, designing, sanding and being handy is starting to pop up so be sure to check it out!

A big weekend

Its looking like the 23rd and 24th will become a BIG weekend at the newspace – add to your calendars if you are able to help out.

July 18 2016

#StopWatchingUs-Vortragsabend am 21. Juli 2016: Menschenrechte im digitalen Zeitalter

Wenn wir heute über Menschenrechte im digitalen Zeitalter sprechen, dann geht es meist vorrangig um Privatsphäre und Meinungsfreiheit. Je weiter elektronische-vermittelnde Prozesse jedoch die gesamte Lebenswelt durchdringen, desto mehr konkrete Situationen sind neuen Chancen und Risiken ausgesetzt.
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