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May 30 2017

Demonstration für echte Netzneutralität: Mehr Datenvolumen für Alle!

Am 31. Mai 2017 ab 9:00 vor der Lanxess Arena in Köln. Kommenden Mittwoch findet die Hauptversammlung der Aktionäre der Deutschen Telekom AG statt. Im Vorfeld sorgte die Telekom mit "StreamOn", dem neuesten Angriff auf das freie, offene Internet für große Aufregung. Anstatt den eigenen Kunden mehr Datenvolumen zur Verfügung zu stellen, versucht die Telekom sich als Gate-Keeper für Online-Inhalte zu etablieren.

May 29 2017

We’re open for Craft Night

May 28 2017

Quick Layout: Four Hole Bolt Circle

You don’t always need a CNC machine or thousands of pounds worth of equipment to get the job done. Here, we’ll be laying out a 4 hole bolt circle suitable for mounting something like a stepper motor or bearing flange using just a ruler, compass and centre punch.

Mark out your material, and centre punch the middle. This will be the punch mark for the central spindle of our motor. Scribe a straight line through the centre in the orientation that you want for the first two of your holes. This is your base line.

Set your compass dividers to the radius of your required bolt hole and scribe your first circle. Centre punch the two intersections of your scribed line and the circle.

Set the dividers to around about the diameter of the bolt pattern, and then scribe a short arc either side of the baseline using each of the perimeter punch marks as a pivot.

Now that you have intersecting arcs on either side of the base line you can carefully scribe a line between them, ensuring that you head straight through the centre. Punch on the intersection of this new perpendicular line and the circle.

If you have a lot of further layout to do you can touch up an construction lines with the layout marker to keep the work space easy to understand. As with all these sort of things the amount of care you take when placing your punch marks, and setting the compass width, directly influences the quality of the end result. Use a magnifier if you need to!

Transcyberian Crypto-Party 16.6.2017 18:00h

We are very proud to bring the Transcyberian parties from Paris to Berlin!

Transcyberian is a series of club, noise, queer and nerd friendly events featuring futuristic, crypto and activism workshops and experimental electronic performance and DJs. Transcyberian is a hybrid concept inspired by CryptoParty. Our events are LGBTQI+-friendly. As we want everyone to be welcome, there is no entrance fee at our events – however if you can afford a donation, it would be much appreciated.

For our first event we decided to donate all the money we will collect to the Chelsea Manning legal fund operated by the Courage Foundation.





6pm – 11pm : Workshops
Adam Harvey – Facial recognition
Leif Ryge – The pocket litter exchange
CryptoParty Berlin – CryptoBar
more tba
11pm : Live performance
Widescope – Experimental Silence Performance
Midnight – open end: Party
Various Vegetables DJs:
Eutechnik [A/V]
Vertical 67

Late May and Early June at Tog

Hi everyone, we’ve another two weeks of Tog’s regularly scheduled events for you to enjoy.

Monday May 29 – Coding Group Night from 19:00
Tuesday May 30 – Lockpicking Group Night from 19:30
Wednesday May 31 – Crafts Night from 19:00
Monday June 5 – Electronics/Microcontroller night is on from 19:00

Hope to see you there!

Because 3D Printing…

3D Lock

Sometimes you see amusing things at the space. Take for instance, this lock on the bathroom stall. The black piece is actually 3D printed. Yes, someone took the time to measure, and model, and 3D print a rectangular bar to fix the bathroom stall door lock.

Never mind that a piece of wood, or plastic, or metal could have probably done the job in much less time, sometimes you just need to 3D print a replacement part for a bathroom stall door and you bust out the 3D printer and in a matter of hours you’ve got the part you need!

May 23 2017

OpenChaos am Freitag, 02. Juni: Interim

Das OpenChaos am 02. Juni wird sich mit Interim, einem minimalistischen Betriebsystem mit Anleihen bei sowohl Lisp Machinen als auch Plan 9, beschäftigen.

May 22 2017

Air compressor fixed

Air compressor in workshop died few week ago and finally getting around to taking it apart to see what issue is. Seamed like motor might have ceased however it was quick fix. 

May 21 2017

TOG Calibration

If you work in industry or business, you probably have your electronic test gear and multimeters calibrated regularly. If you’re an amateur you probably don’t. We don’t have a fancy calibrator at TOG which can cost 1000’s and need regular calibration in itself. We do however have a 2 Euro voltage reference based on an Analog Devices AD548 voltage reference. Checking some of the multimeters that we have around, and the results are surprising.

The reference outputs 2.5, 5. 7.5 and 10V. Now this is a bit of a crude test, because this little reference is not calibrated or traceable to any standard. If you assume however that the voltages it gives are “exact”, a 20 year old Fluke multimeter is reading almost perfectly . Some other multimeters that we checked are a bit off, but still not too bad. We’re going to check some of the ultra cheap meters that we have too.

Fluke 77: 2.499, 5.00, 7.50, 10.00
Standard ST-3343 Clamp Meter: 2.495, 5.01, 7.51, 10.02
Velleman DVM890: 2.47, 4.96, 7.44, 9.92

May 17 2017

TOG May Open Social

Our May Open Social evening takes place on Saturday 20th May from 7PM.

If you’ve never been to our Social, you’ll find it a great alternative Saturday evening in town. Come in and look around. If you’ve never been in before, we’ll give you the grand tour of the space. Talk to members and visitors about projects or things you’d like to do. Ask us about the next phase of our plans for the space and our big cleanup. If you like what you see, ask about joining as a full member. If you see lots of excited people playing with small robot cars, don’t worry. We were running our Electronic build-It workshop earlier in the afternoon!

Hopefully there’ll be, caint, ceol agus craic as usual. The space stays open until the last member is left……usually the small hours of Sunday morning. The evening is free to attend for members and visitors alike. No need to book…. just turn up. You can drop in for 10 minutes, or stay the whole night. We have parking available. Bring beer, food, gadgets! Our doors are open from 7PM. Hope to see you there.


Bronze Casting!!!!!!

As you may have noticed, the Small Metals area has moved to where hot metals used to live. The process has been gradual but successful. We conducted an experiment over the weekend involving plaster investment and molten bronze. There were many variables in this process including new-to-the-space machinery: the kiln, the electric melting furnace, and the vacuum investment table. As well as different materials used, possibly expired flux, a new kind of plaster, and a type of bronze that had been melted a number of times before. All in all it was a great success. Here is a brief overview along with some photos to enjoy.

Seen here is the kiln at a glowing red temperature of 1,500 degrees. The molten bronze getting ready for the pour. Also seen in this picture is the vacuum table for the cast to help pull the metal through the investment.

The Termolyne mini melt electric melting furnace! Bronze has a melting point of 1,742 degrees 

The pour!


Fresh out of the pickle!

-Ella Gentz

May 16 2017

Visitor projects: the most excellent blanket

May 15 2017

What We Talk About When We Talk About Russia

May 14 2017

Next Two Weeks at TOG

Hi everyone, we’ve an exciting few weeks coming up at Tog. We have our regular scheduled nights as well as some events on both Saturdays.

Monday May 15 – Coding Group Night from 19:00
Tuesday May 16 – Lockpicking Group Night from 19:30
Wednesday May 17 – Crafts Night from 19:00
Saturday May 20 – Build your own line following robot at our event from 15:00, and then hang around for our Open Social from 19:00
Monday May 22 – Electronics/Microcontroller night is on from 19:00, as is our CAD & 3D Modelling night also from 19:00
Saturday May 27 – Brewday in Tog from 10:00 with Capital Brewers.

We hope to see you at our events.

May 10 2017

Bay View Gallery Night!


Oh Yeah! We’re doing it again! Join us on the evening of Friday, June 2nd, 2017 for Bay View Gallery Night! We’ll be open from 5pm to 10pm and have plenty of things our members have made to show you, and if you’ve never been here before, stop by and take a tour and find out what we’re all about!

Space Update: Nearly there

It has been a long time since our last update but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been working hard. For those of you who haven’t visited lately it’s looking much less like a building site and we are getting closer to the Hackspace being “finished”. Yes, we really do deserve a good opening party.

Health & Safety

You may have noticed the fire extinguishers scattered around the Space. Please take time to familiarise yourself with them next time you are down and remember if you are not confident in their use before you see a fire, walking away and out of the building is recommended over choosing that moment to try and learn from the instructions on the side.

Map of Fire Extinguisher Locations

PPE has been made more obviously accessible in the Workshop and we are adding signage to offer guidance on when usage is appropriate.. We are also looking to fit an extraction system so we can move the Laser Cutter to the craft area and get the wood lathe set up in the workshop. In the meantime we continue to accumulate shiny tools (like the long term loan of the sheet metal bender/roller/slicer, thank you Ben) and we are in the process of updating our risk assessments. In the future we will be looking at expanding the Tool Access Node system currently in use on the Laser Cutter so that more tools can be controlled.

The electrical install is mostly in place with their appropriate certifications thanks to the efforts of Adam and Tim. The final piece will hopefully be put in place on August bank holiday in the form a sub domain cable to improve our earthing. In the meantime we can use what is in place so far confident that it is safe and of good standard.

To improve general security a number of internal CCTV cameras have been put up. These will not be available to view outside of the Hackspace, but a select few may be presented on the Sauron screens in a manner similar to how they were before the move. Viewing of camera feeds from outside the Hackspace is unfortunately incompatible with our responsibilities to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Act.

Building Works

Stephen is blazing ahead with the kitchen, and so we hope soon to have flowing water and an nice place to bake cakes and make cups of tea.

The network is being installed thanks to Nav, with only a small amount of cable-management related swearing. He has also made a start on the Darkroom. When the committee get a chance they will be taking a look at how we can manage the chemicals and waste products from photo processing in a safe and legal manner. Once that’s done we can get started!

We’re also working on upgrading the door system – thanks Callum, Alex, Joe and Fligg – to allow our bionic members to better integrate with the system, improve security and a couple of bits to make setup for new members and removal of old members easier.


The member storage system seems to be working well so far with only a couple of pieces being placed in the Big Box of Shame. For those of you with a large number of separate, distinct items in your storage please seriously consider purchasing a 35L Really Useful Box to help protect your items from loss or damage should we have to relocate anything. There are a few larger member items still in the space that Joe is working on better solutions for them.

Please remember that that flammable items (including spray paint, varnishes etc.) must not be stored in the member storage. Instead these should be labelled and placed in the appropriate cabinet in the Workshop.

Leeds Hackspace Sticker on General Waste bin

New bins have arrived from AWM – if you haven’t yet had a chance to utilise them please do. Both will be emptied fortnightly, although there is potential to increase the frequency of pickups (“lifts” as the waste management industry calls them) so do let us know if you think they are getting too full for comfort. These particular bins don’t automatically lock so please remember to do so!

The red topped bin is for general waste; the blue topped one is for dry mixed recycling. In short put plastic, metal, paper and card in the blue bin and everything else in the red one. The general waste bin has a weight surcharge on it – everything over 40kg costs a small amount extra to dispose of – so please recycle as much as you can. The Hackspace is being kept tidier as bins are actually being emptied – thank you for your help with this, it really does make a difference.

Anything else?

In terms of membership we must be doing something right as we are on the up, so again a big thank you to everyone that helps to make our new members feel welcome and get them using the tools they need. We currently have 78 members!

Behind the scenes we continue to pay the bills and ensure that we can afford to pay the bills. Thanks to the efforts of Matt and Harriet in keeping us solvent.

Can we remind you of the resolutions services offered by George and Ari if you feel things you want to change are getting bogged down or communications are breaking down with other members then we recommend contacting them. But as ever if you have any concerns you feel that need addressing or questions for the committee you can always email us or ask us via the chat room or in person.

That’s all for now folks, it won’t be quite as long until the next update.

May 08 2017

Interactive Show Preview: Dance Dance Running Man
Interactive Show Preview: Who Do You Love

Turning the Shopbot into a plotter

Former present Derek Beaver and I were joking in the PS:1 IRC chat room awhile back about using the Shopbot as a tool for uses it was not designed for, and turning it into a plotter seemed especially ridiculous. Since I’d wanted to learn how to use the Clausing lathe, it dawned on me that this ridiculous idea could, in fact, become a terrifying reality. So thanks to Anna Yu who taught me how to use the lathe, I made a bit with an 11mm bore to fit into the 1/2″ collet on the Shoptbot:

Having spent the time to make the part, it seemed silly to stop there, so I realized I’d have to make a post-processor for VCarve and Aspire (Fusion 360 coming soon!). I already had experience with Shopbot’s post-processors, creating a “Always turn spindle off” version of Ryan’s “Always turn spindle on” post processor as well as the XYZ Zero Finder program that works with the XYZ plate made on the Bridgeport. So hunkering down on the computer in the CNC Lounge (where Aspire is installed), I made a “Sharpie Bit” post processor that 1. always turns the spindle off, and 2. always sets Z to 0, regardless of what is done in Aspire or VCarve. This also means you have to explicitly set Z’s 0 position without use of the Z plate as there’s nothing to tell the machine when the ‘bit’ is at the right spot.

The first attempt was made using some cardboard I found in the garbage. This test did not go well because I had set Z to 0 in one corner of the cardboard, but because the cardboard was folded over, it was more puffy in the middle, which means that the Shopbot happily plunged the sharpie into the cardboard. Oops. Try #2 used a piece of acrylic that was laying around and I assumed was garbage, so I used that and the second attempt went much better. Inspired, I grabbed some acrylic from my shelf and made the version below.

I’m going to clean up the code a little (like removing a bunch of debugging stuff, unnecessary pauses, etc.,) and then will run it by Matt (CNC area host) and if he’s cool with it, the bit will go in the drawer and the post processor available to anyone using VCarve and Aspire.

A quick video of the bit in action

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