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September 05 2017

The US-Mexico Border Wall Actually Juts Into the Ocean—Where Surfers Staged a Glorious Protest

Liebe Leute,

die Bühne ist gebucht, Mitmach-Aktionen sind geplant, LKWs mit Musik sind vorbestellt – und derzeit 50 Organisationen (Stand 5.9.2017) wollen mit Euch feiern und protestieren! Schnappt Euch Eure Freunde, Bekannten und Kolleg.innen und kommt mit uns am Samstag, 9. September 2017 nach Berlin zur Demo „Rettet die Grundrechte“. Mit uns könnt ihr Euch im Werfen von Überwachungskameras üben, es gibt einen Stand mit Cryptoparty und eine riesige Festtafel für politische Diskussionen. Eine ganze Demo freut sich auf Euch – vor allem: viele Menschen, die Freiheit statt Überwachung wollen und dafür etwas tun.

Demo „Rettet die Grundrechte“!
Samstag, 9. September 2017, ab 12 Uhr, Demozug um 14 Uhr
Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt

August 29 2017

201709-retroEDB #7

Sommeren er over og biblioteket har normale åpningstider igjen.
Førstkommende lørdag arrangerer vi syvende utgave av retroEDB!

August 24 2017

EVA „Ein Cybernachtstraum“ in der Zukunft

Am Sa. 26. 8. 2017 findet das Festival „Sonne über Berlin“ in der Zukunft am Ostkreuz statt. Wir freuen uns mit dem c-atre unsere aktuelle Produktion „Ein Cybernachtstraum“ dort noch einmal aufführen zu können. Das Musik-Theaterstück mit Live-Band spielt zum Auftakt des Festivaltages bereits um 16h. Tagestickts kosten 15€.




August 22 2017

OpenChaos am Donnerstag, 31.08.2017: Laser

Seit dem ersten Rubin Laser, der im Jahre 1960 vom Physiker Theodore H. Mainman gebaut wurde, hat sich einiges in der Laserforschung und -anwendung getan. Laser sind aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken und sind fester Bestandteil vieler Produktionsketten, helfen uns durch neuartige Messmethoden die Welt etwas besser zu verstehen und machen unser Leben leichter (oder schwerer, wenn man Laserphysiker ist).

August 21 2017

Sorry, Atlantis: Eden’s Achin’ Organ Seeks Revenge

August 19 2017

CANstruction 2017!

Please vote TODAY for our team’s entry for CANstruction!

We’ve been working at PS:One for several weeks to cut template boards on the ShopBot, and we just recently constructed our sculpture of WALL-E and EVE

Here’s a time-lapse video of our build 

Canstruction is a unique world wide charity which hosts competitions, exhibitions and events showcasing colossal structures made entirely out of full cans of food.

Canstruction Chicago (under the umbrella of Canstruction) is a design/build event which benefits the Greater Chicago Chicago Food Depository. Teams comprised of professionals from the AEC industry fundraise for, design, and build structures composed of non perishable food items. These “Cansculptures” are housed in the first floor of the Merchandise Mart and are on display to the public as a giant art exhibition. The “Cansculptures” are judged in various categories by a celebrity chef and prominent members of the AEC industry. Canstruction Chicago culminates in an awards presentation and cocktail party at the Merchandise Mart.


Working to eliminate food waste and reliEVE hunger

In our world today, 40% of all food goes to waste. Fast forward 700 years and we might find WALL-E, a hardworking and lovable robot, all alone on Earth,  compacting debris into solid block structures. WALL-E knows all too well what waste looks like, yet remains hopeful that life may again be sustained on Earth. Upon meeting an advanced search-droid named EVE, WALL-E discovers companionship and how, together, they can nurture Earth back to a healthy balance and sustain all living creatures. With the help of our sponsors, WALL-E and EVE are working to educate humans about food waste and reliEVE hunger.


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August 18 2017

LA artists take a symbolic surf across US-Mexico border

August 15 2017

Surfers on the US/Mexico Border are Making a Subtle Statement About the Absurdity of Borders
Echo Park Lake Becomes Home To Fiesta Perpetua

August 13 2017

CNC Router

After a long period without a CNC router (the very generous loan of our old one came to an end), we finally have one again! After a lot of toing and froing have opted for a OX CNC machine from Ooznest who did us an amazing deal. Although the main motivation was that it is solid build based on a open design, with a reasonably large working area. The capabilities are detailed below.

  • Working area, 1320 x 1275 x 65mm
  • Spindle, Dewalt 26200
  • Spindle speed, 16000 to 27000
  • Material, MDF, PLY, Timber, Plastic and non ferrous metals.

As always we couldn’t leave it as it came. We have already built a custom stand, which is really a necessity for a machine of this size and 3D printed a dust collection shoe. Future improvements will include

  • Limit Switches
  • Emergency stop
  • Connecting the dust shoe to the shop vac.

Once these are completed we will be making the machine available to the members upon them completing a training coarse.

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August 05 2017

Artemis 1 – Getting a Closer Look at Totality

Some fellow hackers and makers (and former PS:One members) shared an exciting project with us and we’d like to help them get the word out.

The Artemis 1 is on a mission to send a high altitude balloon into near-space on August, 21st, 2017 to film the total solar eclipse.  It’s a collaboration between the South Side Hacker Space and Chicago’s Remote Astronaut Crew.



The team is one of many participating in this NASA sponsored program, where launches all across the country will simultaneously capture video and still images of the eclipse from altitudes of 100,000 feet and more.  You can learn more about the program here:

Artemis 1, like many before, is looking toward the sky for opportunities to teach, learn, and grow.  Leading by example through hands-on experimentation with measurable results is the best way to instill a passion for learning and a drive to reach higher.


Artemis 1 seeks your vital support on this campaign and the fundraising page can be found here:


More information can be found on the Artemis 1 website:

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July 28 2017

Speculative Email Generator

July 27 2017

Sci-Fi Cyanotype

July 26 2017

Burlington Hacker Book Club!

We're excited to add a new event to the Lab's roster: the BTV Hacker Book Club! The group will be meeting monthly to discuss a book drawn from a list built by Lab members, with members voting on which book from the list to read each month. While Lab members pick the books, all who have read the book are welcome to the discussions, and attendees are welcome to bring munchies and beverages to share.

Our first pick is A Hacker Manifesto by media theorist McKenzie Wark, and we'll be gathering for the discussion on Thursday, 8/17 at 6pm in the Couch Room. For more details and updates, RSVP to the Facebook event.

We'll be discussing setting a recurring monthly date at the August meeting, and Lab members are presently voting on the September book pick. Cyberpunk classic Neuromancer by William Gibson currently holds a narrow lead, but there are a few more days for members to weigh in...

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July 19 2017

Surf Border

July 18 2017

Open Source Audio Meeting am Mittwoch, 19.07.2017: Musik, Audio, Computer und Software

Das OSAMC trifft sich jeden dritten Mittwoch im Monat um 19:00 zum Austausch von Neuigkeiten und Informationen, für gegenseitige Hilfe oder zum Diskutieren oder Philosophieren über Musik, Audio, Computer und Software.

July 13 2017

Shine on You Crazy KiCAD — and Other Tales from Chris Gammell

Chris GammellOn Monday July 17th, NERP will host Chris Gammell. Chris is an analog electrical engineer and product manager. He may be known to some of you as co-host of The Amp Hour, and as the charter member of Contextual Electronics. CE offers subscription based electronics courses with different levels of project-oriented learning and personal interaction with an instructor. The Amp Hour is a non-scripted off-the-cuff format show that usually airs every Thursday evening US time. It is the worlds largest and most respected electronics oriented radio show. Discussions range from hobbyist electronics to the state of the electronics industry, components, circuit design, and general on and off-topic rants.

At the NERP on Monday, Chris will present a free rendition of  the Contextual Electronics course titled Shine On You Crazy KiCad. NERP has talked about the open source electronic design program called KiCAD before, but this presentation is different. It’s designed for simplicity and fast execution to give a quick win for new users who follow along on their own laptops. The course is designed as an end-to-end art-to-part experience using KiCAD.  amphour logoWhen I say quick, I mean just 20 minutes start to finish to draw an electronic schematic and then translate the schematic into a printed circuit board PCB layout. (It’s possible to spend lots of days working on a complex circuit board design…) After that, the last step in the process will be for everybody who’s following along to pack up their KiCAD PCB layout files and send them off to OSH Park to actually be made into atoms and snail-mailed back to you. Chris’s demo board is a small, but useful add-on for a Raspberry Pi. The PCB is about 1″ square, so the cost at OSH Park is very small.

made with kicadEven if you don’t plan on actually making the circuit, go ahead and load up a copy of KiCAD so you can at least have a look and ask questions. It’s open source and free. Win, Mac, & Linux. Kicad is a pretty piece of software in my opinion, and I have a few good reasons for preferring it to Eagle (KiCAD’s freemium competitor).

Chris tells me there’s one thing that NERP might be able to help him with. Contextual Electronics is getting a new course for “absolute beginners” in electronics. This would be along the lines of “what do you need to know about electronics before even thinking of a course like CE”. When you first encounter a subject as broad and deep as electronics, it’s very hard to sort out the signal from the noise. You can spend a lot of effort on something that doesn’t matter while at the same time missing some small Rosetta stone or simple concept that’s perhaps in easy reach. conceptual electronics logoAfter we move past those first trembling steps, we can forget what it was like just building a knowledge framework. To make the best connections with absolute beginners, Chris wants to hear about your conceptual roadblocks or things you wish you’d known from long (or not so long) ago, and how they resolved (or didn’t resolve) themselves. I’m sure he’ll be happy to talk about it at NERP, but consider signing up for CE and visit the Building an absolute beginner course page and add your thoughts.

NERP is not exclusively Raspberry Pi, the small computer and embedded systems interest group at Pumping Station:One in Chicago. NERP meets every other Monday at 7pm at Pumping Station:One, 3519 N. Elston Ave. in Chicago. Find NERP and Pumping Station:One at /NERP-Not-Exclusively-Raspberry-Pi/­

Tags: Beagle Bone,electronics,embedded,hackerspace,NERP,Open Source,Pumping Station: One,raspberry pi,OSH Park,The Amp Hour,Contextual Electronics

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June 26 2017

Sousveillance & Raspberry Pi

June 20 2017

06-24-2017 Security Implications of Shadow IT

“Shadow IT” is a name often given to Information Technology systems used within an organization without proper authorization. But in order for Shadow IT to exist, there has to be enablers encouraging and/or providing a way. This talk looks at some of the enablers of Shadow IT, and proposes one mitigation towards dealing with the […]
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