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June 16 2018

CNC Workshop

This July 7th TOG will be collaborating with guest Prof. Steve Potter and hosting a CNC wood milling workshop.

The event aims to introduce CNC wood-working and computer aided design (CAD) for beginners. It will cover the design and creation of items in free CAD software (Fusion 360) and the carving of those designs out of wood using the Handibot, a portable CNC router.

This event is open to both TOG members, and members of the public over 18 years of age,

Attendees will be required to bring a reasonably powered laptop and a 2-button wheel mouse (see f360spec), if not otherwise arranged.

Cost to members of the public is 25 EUR, including evening snacks/catering.

See eventbrite page for details.

Solar Powered Glow Writer at tonight’s Interactive Show!
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June 14 2018

Sandwiches by NLPanini at the Interactive Show 6/16
Looking Glass Lightfield + Volumetric Display at the Interactive Show Saturday 6/16

June 13 2018

Robot Bread at the Interactive Show 6/16

You’re Invited!!

Greetings Makers, My name is Fred Mitchell and I’m on the South Milwaukee Parade Committee. The Parade is Saturday July 28th, 2018 at 11 am. I’m inviting any and all who would like to take part. Esteemed members of Dalek Asylum Milwaukee are in. Colleen (even though she’s going to Maker Faire Detroit) is having some of her Cosplay on a trailer in the Parade. Small objects you made won’t really be easily seen from the sidewalks, but your Robot, or large art display or your favorite Cosplay outfit will. Did you make that really cool thing that nobody sees and deserves attention in a Parade? Let me know. How about the excellent costume that you only wear once a year? Let’s make it twice. Just want to be part of the fun? I’ll find something for you. I’m also looking for a Phone Booth by the 4th of July and a human skeleton by July 28th. I’ll pay to rent those. (A little.) Talk soon! Fred

June 12 2018

Edible House Sculpture at the Interactive Show June 16!
Sparkle Sprinkle Donut Party at the Interactive Show This Saturday 6/16

Farewell Tog 2.0

We used to have a space on a quiet lane near the back of Dublin Castle. Warehouse Unit C on Chancery lane was our place to call home from 2010 till 2015. It was a big step up for us moving from a small office unit on Arron Quay to a proper industrial style unit ( Check out this walk though of Tog 1.0 here) . We called it Tog 2.0 and moved in the summer of 2010. The unit had been empty for a number of years and had suffered extensive damage during the Big Freeze of 2010. The unit required a lot of repairs and renovations but we knew we could make it work and find the money to pay for a bigger space.  Check out the video below by a very exited Robert Fitzsimons soon after we got the keys or our photos from our gallery



It took us about a month to get the space ready to open to the public with members doing all the work including fixing the 12 leaks. You can read the blog post from the time here.  



Over the years in Tog 2.0, we held 100’s of events and built many a project. Some of my personal favourites are the Security Saturday event and the Rubens Tube just to name a few. It was in this space that we fell in love with pizza ovens, a love that continues today with our 3rd version in use today at our open socials. Finally, one of the most important things to happen in Tog 2.0 was the start of our obsession with ducks. We have taken our love of ducks in many directions and places we would have not thought possible. Giant Ducks, painted ducks, photo shootsplot them, taken in strays, even put them on our clothing.

Our time at Tog 2.0 came to an end with the owner of the building deciding they wanted to build on the site and not giving us a new long term lease. After a long search we found Tog 3.0 and moved in October 2015 which brought an end to Tog 2.0. The building once again was left vacant for a number of years with it only recently being knocked down. 



Farewell Tog 2.0, you serviced us well for many years. 

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night sweet prince:
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Encounter the God Potato at Saturday’s Interactive Show 6/16

June 11 2018

LED Dress at the Interactive Show 6/16
VR experiences Shadowbox & Computer Beach at the Interactive Show 6/16

06-16-2018 Adversarial Simulation Tools 101

This presentation will cover an introduction to a number of Adversarial Simulation Frameworks. These frameworks offer a method to test organization’s networks, applications and hosts defense resilience against a simulated attack/attacker. We will go over their objectives, structure and technologies as well as technical demos. Presenter Rod Soto Saturday, June 16, 2018 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM […]

June 10 2018

Nein zum neuen Polizeigesetz NRW – Demo am 7.7. in Düsseldorf

Der C4 und der Chaos Computer Club unterstützen die Kampagne "Nein zum neuen Polizeigesetz NRW" und rufen zur Demo am 7.7. in Düsseldorf auf.

June 09 2018

DJ Smokey at the Interactive Show 6/16
Dat Phan’s Photon Molecule Interactive Origami LED Light Sculpture at the Interactive Show 6/16

June 07 2018

Reckoner+= Matthew Live Performance at the Interactive Show 6/16

June 06 2018

Sonia Li’s Tasty Video Art: Movement at the Interactive Show 6/16

Shelves, Ships, Shocks, PCBs and Cows!

Issac built a shelf, well, he built a whole shelving system, actually. It’s modular and easily adjustable. It’s not totally done, but it’s looking awesome so far!

Larry must have seen Solo, because he built this ship, which is called the “Millennium Falcon” and is Han Solo’s ship in the Star Wars films. It’s built using LEGO bricks, which is not how the real ship is built. (It’s also not full sized.)

Pete made a machine that makes noise and light using high voltage generators. It uses about 5 volts to create 400,000 volts of AC at a fairly low current. It’s shocking what you can make at the makerspace!

Andrew has been working on PCBs and while he’s got single sided PCBs figured out, he’s still working on two-sided PCBs. It’s not quite there yet, but making often involves trial and error.

Ben used a vinyl cutter to turn his tiny electric car into a “Cow Car” which sort of look like a cow, which is a common animal here in Wisconsin.

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All systems go: marathon paves the way for member management changeover

As you know, we are in the process of ripping the guts out of our member management system and replacing it with a commercial system called Wild Apricot. This is going to affect you, and hopefully eventually delight you, but these transitions are always a little complicated.

A brave band gathered recently for a Systems Group Marathon to lay the groundwork for this transition. PS:1 uses software called Active Directory (AD) to manage logins across our disparate systems. AD is what allows you to log into the wiki, the ShopBot, the website, etc., and soon our new learning management system with a single user name and password.

The marathon volunteers upgraded AD and got it working with Wild Apricot. This means that in the future, you will have “only” two passwords to manage: one for your payments to PS:1 and one for everything else. You shouldn’t need to touch payments very often, so this isn’t as hard as it sounds. Also, the new AD allows for self-service password reset, so no more desperate emails required if you get locked out.

Excitingly, Canvas is now up and running. Canvas, our new learning management system, will soon be the foundation for the authorization process at PS:1. We hope with Canvas to make authorizations both more convenient and more consistent.

With these changes and others (new Ansible playbook, new nginx, Let’s Encrypt SSL certs, etc.), we’re now getting very close to the Wild Apricot changeover. Emails will start going out soon to small groups of users. When the process is working smoothly, the entire org will change over.

A huge thanks to Abel, Wayne, Mariano, and our CTO Sky. If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and being overshadowed by heroes like these, bring your IT skills to the next systems group marathon. Do it for the accolades. Do it for PS:1. Do it for the pizza.

If you’re interested, Sky is always available on Slack in the #systemsgroup channel. She can also be reached at Finally, Sky has a frequently updated and public Trello board for all IT systems stuff that you can check out here if you want to know what needs to get done and what is being worked on.

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