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February 16 2020

Science Hackday Dublin

We are hosting Science Hack Day. A 36 hr hardware and software hackathon. Ireland’s first public hackathon it has been run by plucky volunteers since 2012. A social event with creativity and love of science at its heart. Each year we bring together, designers, coders, scientists, engineers and makers. Simply to make interesting things. Why? For adventure, for playfulness, for science!

On Saturday & Sunday 7th/8th of March join forces with fellow enthusiasts to work on projects together. During the course of the weekend, the hackerspace will enable participants to bring projects to reality with the various tools and equipment on hand. Sign up with the link below.

Engineers Week Ireland logo

This event is part of Engineers Week that runs from February 29th until March 6th. For other events on as part during the week visit . We are also running an Air Quality Sensor workshop ->

Dublin Smartphone Film Festival Challenge

Back in January, we hosted a workshop for Dublin SmartPhone Festival. Participants each made a one minute short. Check out the compilation below.

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February 13 2020

Mandalorian Mercs Build Party

On February 1st the Milwaukee Makerspace was host to the Mandalorian Mercs and the 501st for a Mandalorian Build party. Members of Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club create and wear costumes of “Mandalorian Armor”, an iconic symbol of the Mandalorian warrior culture from the Star Wars™ Universe.


February 12 2020

Yarn Swap & Destash Party on Sat, Feb 22

February 10 2020

I love Free Software Day am Freitag, 14. Februar

Die Freien Software Freunde laden zum Valentinstag herzlich zum I love Free Software Day 2020 ein.
Tufting At Resistor
Laser is fixed (and hopefully stays that way)

February 06 2020

NAIL ART! Make-Along on Sun, Feb 16

February 05 2020

Let’s Make Snow Globes! Valentines Day Catharsis Make-Along on Sat, Feb 15

CryptoParty – Learn about online safety and security for free

TOG is hosting a CryptoParty on Saturday, 15th February at 6pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Poster with details of the Crypto Party in TOG Hackerspace, 22 Blackpits on Saturday 15th February at 6pm. The poster is in the style of an 80s computer screen

CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones. No experience is necessary. The idea here is for everyone to learn and share knowledge and the event is aimed at people who have no experience. We will be reccomending free and open source software. To try the tools and apps directly at the CryptoParty, bring your laptop or smartphone

For insurance reasons, anyone who attends is required to sign into TOG’s registration system.

After the CryptoParty. You are welcome to stay for TOG’s open social evening. 

February 02 2020

Collecting Bottle Caps

If you are visiting our space, bring us your plastic bottle caps. We are collecting them for the Precious Plastic Dublin project. Find out more ->

February 01 2020

Freier Software Abend am Montag, 03. Februar: The Practice of Sub-Turing AI

Zum sechsten Freien Software Abend im C4 gibt es einen englischsprachingen Vortrag zu Sub-Turing AI.

January 30 2020

Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter on Sun, Feb 9

January 29 2020

Contest: R/C Sumo Wrestling

I’m pleased to announce that Omaha Maker Group will be hosting another contest: Radio-Controlled Car Sumo Wrestling! Knock your opponent’s car to the ground and be the last driver standing!

Rules are as follows:

  1. You may enter any toy-grade radio-controlled car with a fair market value of $20 or less. Be prepared to show receipts if there’s doubt.
    • We strongly encourage the selection of cars with 2.4 GHz radios, but if you happen to show up with a fixed-frequency crystal radio, we’ll try very hard to pair you with someone on a different channel for your first round. If you win that round and wind up competing against someone on the same channel, that’s your problem. The spectators will find the interference hilarious.
  2. Car may not be modified in advance – contestants will be given 30 minutes to complete upgrades prior to the event. You may have your upgrades planned out ahead of time, and may open and reverse-engineer the car at your leisure, but it should be completely stock at the start of the event.
  3. During the 30 minute prep time, you may perform modifications to the car which bring the total cost to no more than $25, including any lithium, lithium-ion, or NiMH batteries installed in the car (spares don’t count against you). Alkaline or NiCd batteries are budget exempt. Running solely on Carbon-Zinc batteries adds $5 to your budget. Lead-based batteries are banned; we’re dropping these things on the floor and don’t want to clean up sulfuric acid.
    • Modifications may be planned and prepared ahead of time, but the car itself must be completely stock prior to the 30-minute prep time. You can use the 30 minutes to install a complex assembly you built in advance.
    • You’ll be asked to detail what modifications you’ve made.
    • This follows PRS rules: be prepared to support your budget with receipts or active online shop listings for similar components if challenged. Even if you had the parts on the shelf, I should be able to duplicate it for $25. Shipping costs do not count against your budget.
  4. Each car will be listed in a standard scoring bracket, and will face off one-on-one (probably). Drivers who have entered two cars and wind up competing against themselves will be required to operate both cars simultaneously. Points will be awarded for pushing the opponent’s car out of the ring, with the first driver to 5 points (subject to change depending on the number of contestants) moving to the next round. You’ll have a short time to enact repairs between rounds, but no time will be given during each challenge.

This event is tentatively scheduled for February 25, 2020, during our normal 7:00 PM open shop night. Non-members are also welcome to participate.

January 28 2020

Dublin Inquirer – In Blackpitts, Dubliners are Invited to Build Their Own Air-Pollution Sensors

Our own Jeffrey Roe was interviewed about our upcoming air quality sensor workshop next month. Check out a snippet of the story below and read the full interview on Dublin Inquirer.

In the common room of the TOG Hackerspace in Blackpitts, Jeffrey Roe opens an app on his phone. A line on a graph on the screen creeps up and down a little, but is more or less even – before rising up into a sharp peak. It shows readings from the air-pollution sensor, across the city, outside his home in Crumlin. There was a spike at 4.30pm, earlier that day. “Why were people busy then?” he says, with a chuckle. Another graph, for a few months ago, the night of Halloween, shows a thin line rising sharply from the early evening, as bonfires light up. “You can see, when it starts to get dark, the level of pollution just skyrockets,” he said.

January 27 2020

1.2.2020, 20 Uhr, Theater: Beyond Visibility

Liebe Freund*innen, liebeKolleg*innen,

die Rasanz der digitalen Zeitenwende hat es Big Daddy Mugglestone und Carola Lehmann angetan, darüber machen sie Musik. Sie tauschen sich mit Hacker*innen aus, fühlen ihnen auf den Zahn und recherchieren Strategien digitaler Überwachung.

Jedes eigens für „Beyond Visibility“ komponierte Stück erforscht mit treibenden und pulsierenden Minimalrhythmen die Vision, die Lehmann und Snyder in den Grundsätzen der Hackerethik vermuten: Wenn Hacker*innen sich für open source einsetzen, welche Grenzen werden dadurch verschoben, welche Monopole in Frage gestellt? Die Performer steigen in Interviews ein und entwickelen sie zu Bühnentexten und Songs. Zwischendurch taucht ein Elefant auf, der den spielhaften Umgang mit Machtstrukturen entdeckt: „You have to play tricks, when you play the internet“.

„Beyond Visibility“ zeigen wir am 1. Februar um 20 Uhr in der c-base, der Raumstation unter Berlin.

Tog 3 Tour

Check out this video tour of the space.

January 23 2020

Intro to Machine Sewing: Make a Zipper Pouch on Sun, Feb 2
Cut and Etch Your Own Designs with Our Laser Cutter on Sun, Feb 2

January 22 2020

Intro to Internet of Things: Build a Subway Countdown Clock on Sat, Feb 1
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